When to take newborn photos? Ideas for beautiful photos, newborn portraits, family portraits with baby

In the last few years, photographing newborn babies have been in special demand. This is a great opportunity to capture a baby because he or she grows so fast. You can read more about when to take newborn photos in this article. Ideas for beautiful photos, newborn portraits.

The optimal age for a newborn photoshoot

Often, people wonder when to take newborn photos. If you don’t know what age is best for newborn photos, then it’s better to book a photographer when the baby is 7-10 days old. In the early days, it is better not to shoot because you and the baby need to get used to each other.

At the same time, the first days for the mother are very important for recovery after childbirth. The younger the baby, the easier it is to shoot. After all, most of the day the baby sleeps, so no discomfort is observed.

Quite often, people wonder, is 2 weeks old too late for newborn pictures? No, it’s not too late. However, this is the deadline for the photo session. As already mentioned, every day the child’s sleep becomes more restless.

Therefore, if you wonder, if 14 days are too old for newborn photos, you should not pull. If you didn’t have time to take gorgeous images of your baby at one-week-old, you can do it when he or she turns 14 days old.

Requirements for the premises

For newborn photography, you need to prepare a room with natural light. It is permissible to use one additional lamp with diffused light. It is best to make a newborn shoot in front of a window, but if the room is filled with bright sunlight, then you should curtain the windows with sheets, and put fabric nozzles on bright lights.

The ideal room temperature for photographing newborns should be between 73 and 77℉. These are indicators that are comfortable for the baby. If the newborn photos are taken during the cool season, you can install a heater in the room.

There must be a source of white noise in the room. This role can be played by calm music, the sounds of running water, or a running hair dryer. Such noises soothe newborns.

Babies are often photographed at home. Here the baby feels calmer. You can take a break at any time to feed. Noticing that the baby is suffering from some kind of ailment, the photo session should be postponed or the baby’s discomfort should be reduced with a special tool, for example, to improve digestion.

What is important to consider when planning a photo session?

The most important thing in newborn photography is the competence of the photographer because many things depend on it:

  • the cleanliness and quality of props;
  • the ability to deal with a baby;
  • responsible approach.

A baby who is barely a week old is very fragile, so choosing a photographer is the priority for parents who are set up for newborn photography.

It is also important to prepare: feed the baby immediately before the newborn photography session so that he or she sleeps peacefully throughout the shooting; prepare several diapers and clean diapers, wet wipes, a pacifier, a remedy for gas formation for babies, and food if the baby is on artificial feeding.

You should also stock up on props, which should be thought out in advance. Mom also needs to prepare if joint pictures with the baby are planned. It is recommended to make a manicure in pastel colors, as well as discreet daytime makeup. Do not forget to do styling, as well as choose a neat and not flashy outfit.

Location for newborn photography

It is best to take newborn photos at home. As you know, in a familiar environment, the process is quick and comfortable for all participants. At the same time, after looking at the pictures, it is much more interesting because it is in the house where the baby grows and changes.

If you are breastfeeding your newborn baby, it is much easier to do this at home. After all, it is quite difficult to find a secluded place in the studio. It is also much easier to bathe and change your baby at home.

If you cannot build all the necessary and desired locations at home for newborn photography, feel free to sign up for a photo studio. An experienced photographer helps arrange everything beautifully to get harmonious newborn photos.

Ideas for beautiful photos, newborn portraits: useful tips for a newborn photo session

Worth starting with an outfit. There may be several of them, and referring to the words of experienced photographers, there are several of them. The most advantageous option for a photo composition is clothed in pastel shades.

It is desirable that the props used for shooting be made in the same color scheme. The outfit of the baby should be comfortable and of high quality – not for posed newborn photography, but for the comfort of the baby, of course.

Many mothers and fathers use completely inappropriate clothes in the form of suits with ties and bow ties for boys and puffy tulle dresses for girls. Yes, you can partially improvise with this kind of clothing, but do not forget that the photo session of newborn babies should be as natural as possible.

In the future, you look at pictures and remember the first days and weeks of a baby’s life. If the model is a tiny princess, then a cute dress and an elegant headband will come in handy for the first photo shoot. The boy can be dressed up in a delicate suit.

Clothes in pale yellow and cream shades look beautiful in the photo. It is great if you choose unusual and funny hats as accessories.

Newborn photo shoot props

Here you can already dream up and choose whatever your heart desires. The main attributes are a soft blanket. It should also be in soft colors and minimalistic colors without prints. You can also prepare rugs-playpens.

If you’ve ever seen newborn photos who supposedly sit and hold their heads, and they interested you, then you should know: such a photo session is safe in the first weeks after birth. And you can create such an effect with the help of a dense diaper. A newborn photographer with experience easily composes the intended frame.

Posed newborn photography sessions or usual ideas for photo

You can take pictures of babies like posed newborn photography or in the form of everyday newborn photography. It is easy to lay a baby in any position. In such photographs, you can see all the charm of the baby, the boundless tenderness. The following decorations are used: suitcases; baskets; blankets; cocoons; ribbons.

Such a newborn session lasts about 4 hours since the baby needs to be fed frequently, change diapers, and then re-position in front of the camera.

On the positive side, such pictures are easy to edit: you should slightly correct the quality of the frame, apply certain filters, and then bring everything to an ideal state.

Everyday shots look natural. It is permissible only to slightly correct the posture of the newborn. Captured frames should be distinguished by ease. This photo shoots last approximately 2 hours. They can be carried out until the child reaches six months of age.


There are two ways to position a newborn: on the back and the tummy. The baby may be awake or asleep. The task of the newborn photographer is to capture the best moment. Take pictures of touching stretches and yawns when the baby wakes up or gets ready for bed.

The most relaxed and safest position for the baby is the fetal position. He or she took it while in the mother’s stomach. The “frog” pose is very popular: the baby lies on the stomach, picking up the arms and legs.

To convey the gentle appearance of a baby, you should raise the head and beautifully fold little hands under it. Another original position – the baby lies on the tummy and, as it were, supports the chin with hands.

In the position on the stomach, when the baby is awake, he or she cannot hold the head. To direct the gaze in your direction, pick up a bright rattle. Place a soft pillow under your newborn’s head to keep the baby comfortable. Take a picture of the wonderful hollows on the cheeks.

Just watch the baby’s fists, catch them open. Such a frame fills the beautiful portraits with calmness. The original idea is to photograph individual parts of the baby’s body. By choosing the right focus and beautifully laying the newborn, you can get unique shots. The fragility of a tiny creature is conveyed by:

  • fluff on the cheeks;
  • folds on handles and legs;
  • miniature fingers.

Ask the baby’s mother to take part in the filming. Later, these photographs become a family treasure. Cute poses for baby and mom should be natural and free.


A sleeping baby is an excellent basis for the realization of fantastic stories. For a couple of hours around a newborn, you can create magic. Interesting decorations can be laid out from multicolored pieces of the matter:

  • blue sky;
  • blue ocean;
  • greenfield.

Snow-white clouds and snowdrifts are created from cotton wool, and a tree trunk is made from a knitted product twisted with a tourniquet. Today, non-standard newborn photos are in fashion: a baby in a cabbage or a gift box.

Other winning plots:

  • baby and first toy;
  • an acquaintance of the baby with the outside world;
  • mother tremblingly holds the baby in her arms and gently kisses;
  • sweet dream in a retro suitcase;
  • traveling in an unusual vehicle (maybe a miniature cart on wheels).

Other ideas

Several other ideas are also relevant for a newborn photo shoot.

Kid in action

For these newborn photos, you need various accessories that are associated with your hobby or are often used in your daily life.

A baby surrounded by books, fishing, flowers, or balloons that lift him or her is an interesting solution for several shots.

Special details

Photos performed macro. It is important to fix the tiny arms and legs of the child. You can safely photograph the baby’s face close-up because watching the sleep is priceless.

With mother and father

Be sure to take several joint photos, where the main figure is the baby. You can hold the baby in your arms, lie altogether on the bed and play with the baby. Separate shots with mom and dad emphasize the special contact.

Plots of fairy tales or cartoon stories

The most optimal type of shooting is for the social network Instagram. However, unlike amateur photos, professional ones look like masterpieces and are interesting.

Staged photos imply the creation of a certain story, for example, a kid in the role of Superman is in a hurry to save the world or an astronaut surfs the expanses of the Universe.

Pictures are interesting, where the newborn baby is in the role of a musician, or an astrologer against the background of the night sky strewn with stars, in the depths of the ocean, or on an air cloud. To make drawn stories with a newborn, a photographer needs only the ability to work with Photoshop.


A photo with a background in the form of a calendar or cubes, thanks to which you cannot sign the pictures on the album: the photo props “indicate” the age of the baby model. You can also “sign” pictures using letters.

Photo with a pet

An incredible photo shoot does not leave anyone indifferent. Favorite cats or dogs can act as models of the second plan if they have a calm disposition.

Such a friendship between a baby and a fluffy family member is an excellent occasion to remind a baby at a conscious age that our smaller brothers need to be loved and protected.

Is 3 weeks too old for newborn photos?

Some photographers believe that the optimal time for newborn photography is 3-5 weeks. This is true for cases where the newborn baby behaves restlessly from birth and reacts even to minor stimuli. As soon as older newborn babies get stronger a little, the filming process is better.

What’s the latest you can do newborn photos?

The deadline for a newborn session is 5 weeks. After the pictures do not be so charming because children up to a year old grow and change quickly. You miss the opportunity to capture the first days of a child’s life.


As you can see, it is better to take amazing images of a newborn within the first two weeks after birth. However, the dates may have to be pushed back. It all depends on the nature of the baby. Want to know about the best position for bottle feeding a baby, read the article.

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