The best way to organize baby clothes. Our smart and easy tips

Being a parent is a wonderful experience. It brings so much joy and, of course, a lot of responsibilities. You are in charge of this tiny human completely dependent on you. What pressure. We want to make your life smoother, and let the happiness fill most of it. So let us share the best way to organize baby clothes. Our smart and easy tips to solve the task.

When the baby is small, the life of young parents is hectic and sometimes chaotic. Feedings, walks, baths, all that in a never-ending cycle. Somewhere we need to establish order. Let it be the baby’s closet.

Babies usually have so many clothes, some of them from the baby shower, some of them gifted by family and friends, some of them bought by you because you just couldn’t resist, they were incredibly cute… And don’t forget hand-me-downs from friends with grown children.

How can you straighten things out and create a solid, well-functioning system?

We know how. Follow our easy but effective tips, and you’ll organize baby’s clothes effortlessly.

It’s very practical to have both a baby closet and a dresser to store all these baby clothes. But if you don’t, our tips will help you organize little space in the most efficient way.

The best way to organize baby clothes – sort baby clothes by category

You have different options here. Some parents prefer categorizing baby clothes by use, some — by season or by size.

We like to do it by name: put onesies to onesies, bibs to bibs… This way, the item you need will be easy to find.

It can also be a good idea to put matching items together.

Organize clothing by size

Babies grow incredibly fast, so you probably ended up buying clothes for them in different sizes, at least up to one year ahead. As a result, you are overwhelmed by all these cute outfits of various sizes. Organizing baby clothes by size is an important step to the order in the nursery closet.

For example, you can label the baby’s clothes in the following way: 0-3 months; 3-6 months; 6-9 months… Like this, you’ll take all the clothes your baby is not wearing at the moment out of the way and declutter the closet and the dresser drawers.

Decide: to hang or to fold

Now you need to decide which items to hang and which to fold. Make the most convenient choice for you.

Idea: fold socks, underwear, onesies, pajamas, jumpsuits, and pants and fold jackets, dresses, sweaters, and shirts.

File fold the baby’s clothes

We recommend file folding baby clothes. It’s a practical solution, as it makes searching for a needed piece so easy. This simple technique will also help make your dresser drawers well-organized and neat.

Use each drawer for a certain type of baby’s clothes

If you have a dresser in the nursery, you can easily organize baby clothes. Not all the nurseries are big enough for both a closet and a dresser.

Use it wisely and designate each drawer for one or two types of baby clothes.

For example, put hats and socks in the top drawer, pajamas, and jumpsuits in the second one, and baby pants, diaper covers, and shorts in the third drawer. Or opt for what is more convenient for you.

Use drawer dividers

They make an enormous difference and are a great help to organize baby clothes.

They make the inside of the drawer neat and all baby clothes within easy reach.

You can even make drawer dividers yourself if you don’t feel like buying them. It’s an easy DIY project.

Label the dresser drawers

One more way to organize baby clothes effectively is to label the dressers. Busy parents with a little baby can sometimes get so stressed out, they can forget where things are. It’s OK. This period when the baby is tiny is hard, albeit joyful. We recommend making most procedures as easy as possible.

Idea: paint drawers with chalkboard paint and label all of them. When your baby grows up, the child will be thrilled to be allowed to draw on the furniture.

Buy hangers for baby’s clothes

If you have a nursery closet, organize baby clothes there properly.

First, you’ll need small hangers for baby clothes. You can fit so many clothing items there. Hanging clothes keeps them free of wrinkles and ready to wear.

Use closet dividers

A nursery closet needs some organizing too. We recommend using closet dividers. They will help organize hanging clothes, for example, by size and make your life easier.

Add more closet rails

If you are running out of closet space, you may consider installing more closet rails. They can double and even triple the hanging space, and you’ll be able to hang so many more items.

Add shelves or a cub unit

One more way to add storage space — add shelves or a cub storage unit to your closet. Do it also if you don’t have a dresser in the nursery and need some dressers.

A cub unit and extra shelves are a brilliant solution.

Idea: hang a clothes’ organizer there too. It’s so practical. You can prepare complete outfits for your child in advance without trying to mix and match in a rush.

Bring in baskets

Baskets are stylish and handy. They look elegant in a closet and are great for storing, especially tiny items like socks and bibs, which can get lost on the shelves.

An excellent solution, creating an organized space for baby clothes.

Use the nursery and closet doors

We are going for maximum efficiency here. You have plenty of options.

Use a pocket organizer to store minor items like socks and caps on the nursery door.

Use door baskets on the closet door to store extra diapers, toys, and other baby things.

Another idea: hang a shoe organizer on the nursery door. A great option for storing not only baby shoes but other items as well.

Use clear storage bins or vacuum seal bags

We’ve already agreed that most parents have lots of baby clothes. And a part of them doesn’t fit. We buy clothes in advance because our babies grow so fast, and for the same reason, they outgrow their clothes quickly too.

So, we need to store those unused clothes somewhere without cluttering the closet and the dresser. And here come the vacuum seal bags and clear bins.

Store the baby clothes which your child is not wearing at the moment and label them appropriately.

Mark the age on the bins with the items that are too large, and plan to go through the clothing that your baby outgrew and donate it.

Use a rolling cart

One more idea to organize baby clothes: a rolling cart.

These utility carts provide plenty of extra storage space and are also mobile. Just take precautions when your baby learns to walk. Make sure they don’t trip over it and fall.

Use under the crib space

One more solution for the baby’s clothes, which your baby is not currently using. Out-of-season outfits, or baby’s clothing that is too big. Sometimes there is some storage room under the crib. Use it to store clothing.

If your crib doesn’t have a special drawer for storage, use boxes or bins. Don’t lose the space you can effectively use.

To recap…

You can have a big or a tiny nursery, an enormous closet, or no closet at all — you can work with any available option and increase storage room. And you can always organize baby’s clothes in a smart and efficient way.

We walked you through our ideas and solutions that we tried ourselves, and we hope you use many of them. Our goal was to provide you with tips that will make your life easier and less stressful.

How does Marie Kondo organize baby clothes?

Marie Kondo’s famous method tells us how to fold clothes. But it’s not about the precision of the fold itself, it’s about an organized mind, the choice to buy a certain item or not, to change it or to give it away.

She not only organizes everything beautifully on the shelves.

All the items she chooses for a baby are necessary. If an item of baby’s clothes is not essential, it shouldn’t stay in the closet. She suggests holding an item and feeling it. The emotions will lead to the right decision whether to keep an item or give it away.

This method is about an organized mind and listening to the inner voice.

How do you organize baby clothes without a dresser?

If you don’t have a dresser, you still have plenty of options to maximize space.

For example, you can add shelves or a cub unit to your closet. It’s a great option if you need shelves.

Another solution: hang a clothes’ organizer in your closet. You can use it as extra shelves. Or, if your child goes to a kindergarten, you can prepare all their outfits for each day of the week in advance.

How do you organize baby clothes in a shared room?

Without a baby’s room, keeping the baby’s clothes organized can be challenging. But not impossible.

One of the most critical tasks to tackle is to sort and categorize the baby’s clothes. It is even more important if you have limited space to store clothes. When you have sorted all these tiny clothes, put away the items that your baby is not wearing at the moment.

A great idea is to use each dresser drawer only for one or two types of baby clothes.

Read our article above and find great ideas to organize the baby’s clothes in a dresser.

We also have plenty of baby closet ideas that you can find useful as well, like using baby closet dividers, baskets for clothes organization, or utilizing the closet doors, etc.

How do you organize baby clothes?

There are plenty of tips for proper baby clothes organization. It’s not a simple task to sort out all those tiny items. Start with organizing all your baby clothes by size and by category. Keep the clothes that your baby is wearing, close, and the pieces that are too big for them or out of season stored somewhere. That’s the first important step.

Read our article above for plenty of smart and creative tips. They will help you with the baby clothing organization. Just don’t forget: get organized and stay organized. Maintenance is as important. Wonder when to take newborn photos, read the article

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