Best places to have a baby shower (brilliant ideas)

One of the best things about being pregnant is having a baby shower, but where are the finest places to organize one?

Some of the most popular baby shower venues include converted barns, private homes, and luxury hotels.

You should pick a location that will add charm and distinction to the celebration. However, it can be challenging to choose the event kind that best suits your needs among the many available options.

You’re likely to discover a few baby shower venue ideas on our list that will meet your demands, no matter your taste or price range.

Choosing the best baby shower venue: some advice

  • Make sure the location can properly accommodate all of the guests by taking the size of the guest list into account.
  • To make sure you stay within your budget when looking for venues to rent for a baby shower, enquire about rental fees and any other expenditures that may be related to the location.
  • Make certain that all visitors can easily access and use the location. To make sure that most guests can attend, try to choose a venue that is in a convenient location.
  • Get information on the venue’s food and beverage options. Ensure that you are permitted to bring your food and beverages if the venue does not provide catering.
  • Make sure the venue’s ambiance is acceptable for a baby shower by paying attention to it. Not too loud or packed, but rather a space that is happy and friendly is what you want. Ensure the atmosphere is appropriate for the guests and the party theme.
  • The main thing to keep in mind is that this day is for the expectant mother and her unborn child. Your choice of location will be ideal as long as it is cozy, practical, and meaningful to her.

Best baby shower venues

These baby shower venues will be sure to impress your guests and give you the baby shower of your dreams.

Botanical garden

Botanical gardens make unique baby shower venues, but they are often overlooked. You won’t need to do any decorating for the occasion because of the naturally lovely surroundings.

The majority of botanical gardens feature spaces that may be rented out for events, both indoors and out. A botanical garden is a perfect venue for such a momentous event as childbirth, as well as a great way to get back to your roots.

To learn about available rental venue possibilities, inquire at your neighborhood gardens. You should also enquire about their laws and rules to make sure you have all the information you need to plan the ideal baby shower.

An art studio

These baby shower locations are unusual. Instead of playing the typical baby shower games, invite your guests to a private paint party where they will learn how to paint a cute object.

All materials are given when you schedule a paint party. In many places, it’s rather affordable! In most cases, an indoor baby shower venue is preferred.

Guests will stay comfortable even in the summer and winter, and you don’t have to worry about bugs or weather.

Tea room

There is nothing quite as special as hosting a baby shower at a sophisticated tea room. The elegant tables decorated with fine china and sweetly scented teas set the scene for a joyous celebration of a new baby.

The intimate setting is perfect for small groups, though it’s also great for larger gatherings.

Even though you won’t need to do much decorating, there is still an opportunity for imagination when it comes to coming up with party games and activities.

As they converse and graze on finger snacks and pastries, your visitors will have a terrific time.

A virtual baby shower

Virtual baby showers are a new trend that has emerged in recent years. It is a wonderful method for the expectant mom-to-be with all of her friends and family, even if they are unable to be present in person.

It brings the family closer together and spares you from having to prepare for a physical event, even though it might not be as enjoyable as throwing a shower in person.

Nevertheless, you can still make it enjoyable for everyone thereby creating a list in advance for the baby registry so that your friends and family can give you items you truly need to take better care of your child.

A local park

A local park might be a fantastic location for a baby shower, depending on the time of year and the climate where you live. A park is a great option for spring and fall baby showers.

It’s a particularly fantastic choice for baby showers that welcome children. A park has lots of activities to keep kids occupied during the shower if other parents are there with their young children.

Once you have comfortable guest seating and a grilling area, you will have achieved half of your goal.

If not, you can obtain decorations, buy or rent your own set of folding tables and chairs, and provide food.

You are then ready to lay the groundwork for your baby shower in the park.

Parks are a budget choice, which is another plus.

Favorite restaurant

Restaurants are not just great for birthday parties, they also make for a lovely baby shower venue.

Depending on the location, restaurants can host a sizable number of people while maintaining an intimate atmosphere. You can savor some great meals while you celebrate the newborn.

Being able to order appetizers, drinks, and substantial meals on the menu makes restaurant baby showers often simpler to prepare and less labor-intensive for the host.

All you have to do is send out invitations and decorate a little bit beforehand (if the restaurant permits it).

A banquet hall

A banquet hall can be the ideal choice if you’re hosting a more formal baby shower or need to host a larger group of guests.

It will be helpful to have an approximate sense of the size of your guest list because there will likely be a variety of room sizes and price points available at local banquet halls.

Since they frequently offer their catering services, you won’t have to bother about making dinner. Create a customized menu by simply working with their staff.

Once more, cleaning up will be simple because they’ll probably handle most of it.

Country clubs

Our baby shower venue ideas list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning country clubs.

Country clubs are one of the best baby shower venues. You should think about having the baby shower at a country club if you or anyone in your family is a member.

Some also permit daytime space rentals for people who are not members.

Many country clubs have banquet-style rooms available for hire for special events like baby showers.

Usually, all of the refreshments will be handled by the employees. You won’t have to worry about a thing because some people will even decorate for you.

Even though it costs more, this is a good alternative if you want to host a seamless event that leaves attendees speechless.

A rooftop terrace

Local companies are growing savvier and are frequently ready to find strategies to utilize every square inch of their structure.

Local eateries or art galleries might have converted their roof into the ideal event location.

The rooftop terrace is a fantastic venue to host a baby shower.

Having a party on the rooftop generates a particular atmosphere in addition to providing a magnificent backdrop for the shower with a view of your city.

The season and the weather where you live are two things to think about when choosing among other baby shower venues.

In case the weather turns out to be unexpectedly uncooperative that day, you’ll also want to make sure you have a backup plan.

Party venues

For special events like baby showers, many party locations may be leased. Depending on your preferences, these establishments frequently offer optional packages that include food, beverages, and decor.

The beach

The beach is a fantastic location to host a baby shower.

The beach offers a fantastic setting and atmosphere for a day of enjoyment if the weather is suitable.

Mom-to-be can snap some stunning photos with her group at the beach as the backdrop.

There will also be more than enough room for everyone to congregate without bumping into one another.

Furthermore, many beaches include barbecue pits or picnic tables that would be ideal locations to set up a baby shower.

You won’t need to do much setting up or decorating because the water serves as the ideal backdrop.

So this choice can be on your shortlist if you live close to a beach and are anticipating nice weather.

Always be prepared for inclement weather by having a backup plan.

Private dining rooms

A private dining room at a nearby restaurant can be a good option if your guest list is limited. This will give you a cozy environment for the baby shower while still enabling you to indulge in some delectable food.

Private dining rooms can be furnished with little to no effort to match any theme or style. Verify that the area has enough room for your visitors, decorations, presents, and activities.


If you don’t like the beach, perhaps a gathering by the pool will suit your tastes.

On a gorgeous day, nothing compares to lounging by the pool with your favorite people.

The expectant mother will be able to take a quick swim in between socializing with guests and engaging in entertaining baby shower games.

The room can be easily decorated with a few balloons, a gift table, and a comfortable place for mom to sit.

You should take into account the presence of children if they are invited. Having to supervise young children when they are near the pool may cause parents to get especially distracted.

At a tea room

This is a classy choice that will allow the guests to unwind while conversing about the upcoming baby while enjoying some afternoon tea and a few cupcakes in a peaceful setting.

It might not be for everyone, but if you don’t have the time to organize things yourself, the staff will do it for you, so it works.

Some of them do allow reservations for private rooms, which makes it a fantastic choice for a more intimate gathering.

In this manner, no more visitors will be annoyed and you may uninterruptedly enjoy your small tea party with your pals.

Mom-to-be’s home

A terrific alternative for hosting the baby shower is at the expectant mother’s house if the mom-to-be feels comfortable doing so.

For a venue in a busy area, this is occasionally the best choice. She won’t have to travel far and can be near all the fun in this way.

You won’t need to go out and locate a different venue if you host at the expectant mom-to-be house, just like if you host at your own house. But it also means you’ll have to put in a lot of extra effort.

Check to make sure the expectant mom-to-be won’t feel burdened. So that she won’t have to prepare by herself, offer to come over in advance and clean and assist.

A lake house

There’s something about being outside that makes it simple to relax and unwind.

A lake house is a family-friendly location to host a baby shower of any size.

Picture yourself enjoying the mom-to-be with family and friends on a lovely day, with a picturesque lake serving as your backdrop.

If you or someone you know owns a lake house, it can provide the most perfect setting for your baby shower.

A service like Airbnb may also allow you to rent one.

Make sure the venue you choose is handy for both the expectant mother and your guests.

A hotel room

Hotels frequently hold private parties, making them one of the most popular choices.

Alternatively to renting a hotel room, you might host the shower in the hotel’s meeting room for a cozier experience.

For instance, you might do it the old-fashioned way and invite the expectant mother’s closest friends to a sleepover (sleep is optional).

Her favorite meals, snacks, beverages, and enjoyable games will make her day!

You can also incorporate a visit to the hotel’s spa.

Renting one of the hotel’s conference rooms will allow you to host a larger gathering and give her a celebration she’ll never forget.

Wedding venues

Many wedding locations are suitable for baby showers as well. This is especially true if you’re thinking about hosting a brunch or tea party-style baby shower event.

The majority of wedding destinations are in stunning settings, so you won’t need to do any decorating. Many of them also offer decorative possibilities.

The weekends and evenings will see the most bookings at wedding venues. Therefore, you might be able to use a fantastic wedding venue for the baby shower if you can schedule something early in the day or during the workweek.

To make sure they can meet your expectations, inquire with the location about their rules about food and décor.

At a winery

Even though pregnant women aren’t permitted to consume alcohol, a winery can still be one of the best locations for a baby shower.

You’ll experience the complete rustic vibe, with the air being permeated by the smells of fermented grapes and wood.

You’ll also take some beautiful shots because most vineyards are among the world’s most stunning locations.

Your guests will have access to booze, and since most vineyards provide food, there is no need to do your catering (check this beforehand).

The fact that you won’t have to worry about cleanup is most significant.


It’s the perfect baby shower venue because you can theme the shower around popular children’s books. Consider hosting the baby shower at a nearby library if you’re looking for something a little more private.

Meeting and boardroom spaces are frequently available at libraries and are usually reasonably priced to hire.

You could even be able to reserve an auditorium or conference room for free, depending on the scale of your event!


Renting a lodge in the woods is a fantastic choice for a winter baby shower. This can create a really enjoyable and festive environment. You can use woodland-themed decor.

This plan would likely work best for a small, close group of friends who wish to spend the night together to honor the new mother. If there are cabin rentals nearby, you may turn it into a day trip for a bigger party.


For birthday parties and business functions, several museums feature party rooms. Additionally, you can hire them for a baby shower!

A museum is a perfect baby shower venue for the mother-to-be who has a special interest or hobby.

Normally, they include free museum entrance for guests before, during, or after the event. The cost of having it catered may increase, but the venue will almost certainly assign people to assist with serving and setting up the space for your event.


To host a chic baby shower outside, erect a sizable, magnificent tent. This concept is ideal for a baby shower that takes place in the evening when twinkling lights may be strung up and guests can mingle until the wee hours.

If you’re throwing a coed baby shower, a tent is a perfect location. However, it doesn’t have to be a huge tent.

To accommodate the expectant mother and her guests, you’ll need at least one long row of tables, as well as space off to the side for the food and gifts.

A community center

If you have a community center nearby, it would be an excellent compromise. Expectant mothers are typically warmly welcomed, and they will be happy to let you rent the space for the event.

You’ll need to bring your food and beverages because a community center isn’t set up with them.

At the church hall

The church hall can be a great choice for those of you who lean more religiously and would prefer a more intimate setting.

While the location is almost assured to be a good one, there are a few things to consider before choosing a place like this.

Church hall can rent out the cafeteria or annex inexpensively or even for free for church members, so this is a terrific budget-friendly option.

Final thoughts

Finding the perfect venue for your baby shower can be somewhat of a challenge.

The best baby shower venue ideas on our list will suit your needs.

Are there any additional kids coming?

What kind of budget are you hoping to stick to for a baby shower location?

Answering these questions can easily help you narrow down and decide on a venue that you would feel reflects the new parents, and is an enjoyable place for you to host a baby shower.


Where do people usually have a baby shower?

Baby showers are frequently held in someone’s house, although there are also restaurants, country clubs, hotels, and event venues as possible locations.

An outdoor baby shower might also be held in a park or on the sand. Choose a location where you can enjoy the event to the best.

Who is supposed to pay for a baby shower?

Consequently, the host of a typical baby shower will frequently make the payment. The question of who the host is, however, is not usually resolved by this.

Of course, a wide range of persons can serve as hosts. Typically, the mother will pick a close friend or relative.

It is acceptable for a friend or a more distant relative, like an aunt or cousin, to serve as the host. The primary guideline is that the prospective parents should not host because doing so could be viewed as them having a party and soliciting presents for themselves.

How much should I pay for a baby shower?

What is the typical price for a baby shower? The average cost of an actual baby shower might be anything between $100 to $1,000, while a virtual shower often costs $20 to $200.

It still primarily depends on the setting, the number of attendees, and the decisions you make on things like party goodies or prizes.

If you are hoping to spend little or no money at all on a venue, consider these options: someone’s home, a park, a local community center, or even a public library.

When planning a baby shower where do you start?

Planning a shower you have to think not only about the best places to have a baby shower but also about other organizational issues:

  1. Choose a time and date. Choose a day and time for the party after consulting with the guest of honor.
  2. Establish the budget and guest list.
  3. Learn the best places to have a baby shower.
  4. Send out the invites.
  5. Decide on the menu and the décor.
  6. Create a plan of action.
  7. Choose the party favors.

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