Best layout for baby nursery

Considering a baby nursery layout is essential not to forget baby care basics such as portable or mini crib and diapering station

Baby’s room should be nice and convenient while your baby grows to provide proper furniture placement and crawling-friendly space.

Before a baby is born, most parents arrange the nursery room layout with a comfortable sleeping zone, cute nursery furniture, and all the essentials such as a dresser changing tablecrib, and nursery chair to enjoy the first years of a child in a baby’s nursery.

Fun nursery elements give us a feeling a baby would love to grow, play and sleep in a bright nursery design.

Some people look through websites to choose the best nursery room layout ideas, others contact the interior designer for setting the proper space.

So, now it is time to fix a nursery tips board, and note there are tips based on experience and functionality.

We believe that using imagination, experience, and some hints you can create the dream design as the proper nursery layout optimizes the space of a baby’s room and makes the nursery super functional without a designer.

Consider how to use the space

Take a few minutes to think about the layout of your baby nursery.

Decorate your child’s room to accommodate them as well as their needs. Is it possible that it could become the playground?

Maybe you’ll want a nursery for your guests. In any case, the room should not have too much storage and furniture.

Generally, a baby’s room should have areas to serve the baby’s needs and parents’ comfort.

The environment should include:

  • Sleeping area to arrange quiet, and secure rest
  • The dining area is a must to feed a baby
  • Changing table, or another area where you can securely leave your baby for several seconds untouched for diaper changes.
  • Playing zone as pretty soon you need to set the floor free for exploring and learning new skills
  • Storage and organization, storage basket might be pretty useful for keeping countless things

Start with a crib

The crib is where the final furniture location will begin.

That is usually the first furniture element parents buy, as it occupies the most space in a nursery room layout.

Cribs come in different shapes, sizes, and materials.

Choosing the most loved and most suitable sleeping bed for your infant depends on space, preferences, and funds you have. 

The most popular models are made of wood, but you may also find metal and even plastic beds for your baby’s room.

Place the crib with a nursing chair near the same wall, as you might spend many hours near a crying baby helping them to sleep or during late-night feedings. 

The opposite wall might be used for the nursery dresser, as such furniture arrangements provide the room balance and are the best option for a small nursery room layout.

The wall might be also a point of interest for a baby and a wall that sets an impact.

Place the crib not within easy reach of a room’s window, as you might need aeration several times a day.

Locate the baby’s crib several feet away from the windows to protect the child’s health from wind, sudden drafts, hanging blinds, and curtain ropes.

Kitty-corner crib ideal element if you have enough space in your nursery.

kitty-corner crib is a perfect way to cross the area and create a focal point of a room if you have an ornately detailed crib.

But again, do not forget about the window and the absence of curtains near a baby’s sleeping space.

A sleeping infant requires a quiet, dark environment, you may arrange this thanks to expensive room darkening shades on the windows. 

Other functional furniture elements such as the changing dresser, changing table, and glider should be located also not far from a crib, for instance on the other side of a child’s room.

Central crib

Similarly, the crib is the only place where you are seen a few steps before entering an apartment.

It’s the ideal way for a quick check of your crying baby, as such a location allows you to learn what a crying baby wanting and calm down a fussy baby quickly.

Put the crib away from the windows to protect the child from the cold air and the curtains.

A glider lays opposite the crib and directly beside the door for balance.

Install the dresser adjacent close to the changing table to simplify going back and forth between the furniture.

The central crib looks fantastic pointing out who is the main character in the apartment.

But it requires much space, and as we know most nursery layouts should be practical, easy to be cleaned, and occupy not much space. 

Fun nursery room designs do not always provide sufficient baby care components.

Cribs for a twin nursery

Designing a twin room for your babies, there are not so many nursery layouts to choose from, but it might be a good idea to arrange a shared baby space.

Locate both the cribs against the wall with a changing table in the middle to balance the room. 

Pair changing tables can be a useful option for nursery room designs if you have twins, but in most cases, there is only one parent with two hands to wash a child, so one changing tray may serve you the best. 

Anyway, double the diaper changing sounds like a miracle to me, cause I cannot imagine how to educate and care for twins at once.

You may also arrange cribs extending outward from the wall instead of locating them horizontally side by side.

This way allows babies to watch each other better and provides a more visually interesting arrangement for twins.

Cover the crib with colors and contrasts

It’s best to have fun baby items close to the crib, but adding vibrant colors to the crib makes it better. 

When babies are born, their neural connections have no effect.

This connection arises via sensor inputs.

Visual stimulation is also critical in developing children. 

That is why it is essential to decorate a baby’s crib with contrast such as black ad white elements to boost the baby’s sensory development.

Stripes can help in establishing nerve connections as well.

As newborns see best at 12 inches, cover the crib with bright contrast colors and patterns of stripes and lines to have an engaged baby.

Most nursery furniture usually comes in bright colors as well to implement your layout ideas.

But keep in mind that soft cushions and stuffed animals might be dangerous in a baby’s crib.

Create a changing zone

Changing zone is crucial in making diaper duty easier and time-saving.

The changing units are ideal nearby of a dresser or wardrobe area. 

Diaper changes often require dry and clean clothing, and you want your baby to be prepared for the change.

changing table includes drawers to store diapers, wet wipes, baby’s cosmetics, and other necessities for baby care.

Some changing trays are attached to the dresser and are recommended to be removed.

The changing table topper can be removed by unscrewing the bolts.

To avoid security matters, some parents skip the changing tray and put the changing pad directly onto the dresser.

Keep in mind that in this case, your hand should be placed on a corner of the changing pad.

It’s no question that if you choose a nappy disposal system or just an ordinary bin for your baby care.

Be ready to have a lot of waste, especially in the first months, and keep in mind to locate it close to your changing zone.

Floor storage and organization keep shelves low

If you need to find nursery decoration hacks, keep shelves low on top.

While it may appear counterintuitive in some ways to those who do not like to bend over to find needed items, consider how it will feel for your child. 

Floor storage containers are useful, acceptable, safe, and functional for the nursery room layout.

When a baby starts exploring, the shelves often seem an impressive mountain that should be achieved for them.

Shelves are not less stable, and the curious child can easily carry them on the table.

Low shelves and floor storage are also helpful for teaching children to pick up and put back toys, books, and child clothes in the future.

Find space for other storage

Fill the rest of the surface for storing toys, books, pillows, stuffed toys, blankets, and more.

Use a storage basket, toy boxes, or cube storage containers.

We like this huge stackable toybox, which is perfect for EVERYTHING. 

Baskets make storing clutter in a room easy.

A storage basket is a useful container where you can put everything even when a child is grown up, and you can always locate it under a nursery chair.

Create a playing zone

Nursery layout ideas for the baby’s room usually include designing a playing space on the floor. 

Play zone makes sense as it gives you a vast advantage in attracting and teaching your baby.

It may be a simple bright play blanket with toys according to the age of a baby, or if the space is enough, this can be an area with special coverings that are sold everywhere in different colors and paintings. 

For the most comfort and security management, cover the floor with a fluffy rug.

Cushion baby knees with a crawling-friendly space are essential for daily play routines and also for educating a small child. It can be enjoyable to cuddle on soft coverings.

Floor pillows may also be rather useful to arrange the playground for your baby’s playtime routine.

The experience tells us that when a baby is small, a blanket is enough to create an ordinary play zone.

But keep in mind to locate it within difficult reach to dangerous elements of furniture and other equipment.

Space for feeding 

While your baby is less than six months, you may feed them on a nursery chair in your hands, no matter if you practice breastfeeding or use a bottle. 

Be aware that night feedings might be dangerous for a baby if a mother is exhausted and can fall asleep while in the process. 

Arrange a chair or a glider sits opposite the crib to be within easy reach for a child to watch them sleeping or eating. 

After a baby is 6 months old or more, you need to buy a special feeding chair for a baby proudly to occupy a place at the same table as parents.

For feeding, combine chairs with cribs and storage

Combined feeding chair with other furniture is another useful nursery layout and also a crucial piece in baby rooms. 

Mothers will spend a lot of time at home.

You need comfortable places to sit as the child feeds and looks after the baby.

No chair is placed somewhere else. Set the locations to your advantage. 

You should get your chairs close to your crib, so there’s no need for crying babies to go too far.

Once you sit there, you want something that can be easily found.

It may be necessary for spit-out clothes to be used.

Include a reading corner

Recent trends in nursery design are reading rooms and reading tables.

It has been flooded with ideas that will help to develop early interests, and it is one such idea. 

If you do not have enough space, or you have no desire to arrange a special corner for reading books, you may just use a cozy chair or sofa with a soft blanket and muted light to practice reading with your child.

The necessity of shared space

Sometimes it happens that you are looking for multifunctional nursery layouts for your family.

In this case, you should place all the necessities required for a nursery, a shared kids’ space, and a converted guest bedroom

Some modern pieces of furniture such as cribs, chairs, and even tables have wheels, so they can easily be moved all along the room when needed. 

In case your crib has wheels, do not forget to fix them every time you change the location.

Moving the furniture, you can easily make sleeping arrangement for your guest.

Finish the design of your baby’s room with decor

Once you’re happy with your furniture and storage, it’s time for you to choose a fun piece of furniture! 

In that case, I’m going crazy about the gender-specific decor.

There are a lot of wallpapers, curtains, toys, blankets, artificial flowers, and cute toys suggested for a baby. 

Anyway, decorating the room with all that stuff pay attention that a nursery should not be overfilled with soft elements as they keep dust, which is not good for a baby.

What should I keep in mind when designing a nursery?

Find out how much money you can save at home, such as storing your crib. 

The crib must meet the standards established by CDC and be available in an acceptable width and length.

There are major differences between cribs and their cost.

No child cribs can be purchased by Pottery Barn Kids.

Costs can range from $700- $1000.

You have the option of purchasing a crib at an affordable price. 

Moreover, some cribs can be transformed and acceptable for babies up to 7 years old.

They will serve you longer only if you do not want to change the decoration of your nursery.

When should you start designing a nursery?

Preparing a nursery at home is very fun and is even the best pregnancy time. 

There can be dozens of great things to do on the journey, and some of them will take some extra time. 

Start between 18-20 weeks so that you can enjoy it and not become anxious about it. And even though you already knew it wouldn’t bother you! 

Adding lighting options to your nursery

Multiple lighting modes might be essential in your nursery.

We get our primary light sources via the ceiling fans, and I place the lamp beside the glide-on.

Alternatively, we have installed a motion-actuated nightlight near our door.

Dimmer switches are also a good option for main lights to ensure that you can access low-wattage lamps near the changing zone or your chair.

It is also advisable to keep the sun off during sleep and use black-out curtains.

This blackout curtain looks great in high-performance fabric.

This darkroom also looks beautiful.

What room is best for a nursery?

Depending on the space you have.

You may use your bedroom to arrange a nursery.

Most nursery rooms are usually small.

Where should crib be placed in nursery?

A crib is better to be placed near the bedroom door, so it can be easily reached.

Keep it away from windows.

How do I choose a nursery layout?

Having the first baby, I tried to choose a gender layout, but for me, functionality is the most essential issue. 

A crib, a changing area, and a playing zone should not be avoided in any nursery.

How do I maximize my nursery space?

Use furniture with wheels or put it near the same wall to reach and care for a baby faster.

A crib may also contain drawers to keep the baby’s clothes there.


Do not spend many hours considering the best nursery layout, as it should be not only nice but functional.

Make sure your nursery has everything necessary – cribs, gliders and a dressing table.

Now arrange the proper space for furniture and enjoy the maternity.

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