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We loved Mama & Baby Yoga! I loved meeting other moms who were going through the same thing I was, and it helped me bond with my baby in a way that I wouldn't have thought of on my own. Thank you!
-Cerise, 10/06


Come as you are.
Everything changes after the birth of your baby. The sleepless nights, the colic, the bodily fluids (oh my, the bodily fluids!), and the love like you never knew you could feel. Every moment revolves around this tiny person, and the process of adapting and adjusting to your new routine is enormous.

With all the focus on the baby, it's easy to forget about your own well-being. Taking a shower alone is now the highlight of the week. But your body has undergone massive changes, and your hormones continue to fluctuate. It's important to take care of yourself during this time, so you will have an increased ability to nurture your baby.

Be patient during the 4th trimester, as you and your baby get to know each other and figure out your new life together. Before you know it, you'll be one of those moms you've seen around town, shopping with clean hair.

In Mama & Baby Yoga we will focus on gentle stretching and strengthening exercises to restore the muscles used during pregnancy and childbirth. We will also work with some baby yoga and infant massage techniques designed to improve digestion and circulation and stimulate neuromuscular development. In Mama & Baby Yoga, as in life, some days are better than others. But if nothing else, this class gives you an opportunity to get out of the house with your baby and hang out with other women who know just how you feel. Really.

Baby Moon babies Cooper (above) and Jackson.
Class Details: You may begin Mama & Baby Yoga as soon as you feel ready for gentle exercise, though a common guideline is around 4-6 weeks after a vaginal birth, 6 weeks after a cesarean birth. Babies are welcome until their mobility interferes with your enjoyment of the class. (Usually once they are crawling circles around you.)

This is a very laid back class. Babies will laugh, cry, poop, eat, scream, and smile in baby yoga class. These are all normal baby activities. We will attend to our babies as needed, and do yoga when we can. It's all good!

We will spend the first few minutes of class getting babies settled and checking in with each other. A yoga mat is recommended for class and may be purchased at Baby Moon ($20). Please bring a receiving blanket and comfort items for your baby (toy, pacifier or boob, etc.).

Instructor: Anne Rust,

Click here for class pricing, or Buy A Package.

See our Class Calendar for class schedules and holiday cancellations.

Our Mama & Baby Yoga and Mama & Baby Pilates classes
are also available ONLINE, through

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Remember your abs?
Come on back from the other side of pregnancy to rediscover your core. You still have it. We can help you find it again. Pilates brings a targeted approach to strength building after pregnancy, making it the perfect postpartum workout. Nothing, I mean nothing, tightens up the tummy like Pilates.

Mama + Me Pilates is a mat class, similar to yoga. We'll move through exercises focused on strengthening and toning deep core muscles and improving the stability of the spine and pelvis--essential for rebuilding the body post-pregnancy. Of course, we'll do it all Baby Moon Style, with baby along for the ride and plenty of leeway to do what needs to be done in the moment (feeding, diaper changing, bouncing baby, etc.). .

We recommend beginning your journey back to self-care with Mama & Baby Yoga (open from birth until crawling). You may begin Pilates 6 weeks after an uncomplicated vaginal birth (once your care provider has cleared you for exercise), but we encourage you to wait 8 - 10 weeks after a cesarean birth to allow plenty of time for healing (beginning ab work too soon can lead to increased scar tissue build up). This class offers modifications, with options available to slow it down or crank it up. You should be ready to work out when you start this class!

It's Baby Moon, so it's all good. Check expectations at the door and just be here with your body, your baby, and your community of fantastic mom friends!

Class Details: MAMA + ME PILATES is open to babies 6 weeks through walkers, up to about 18 months or as long as it is working (see info above about when to start). Mobile babies will sit in the middle of the room with lots of toys for play time. Non-crawlers will stay with mama on the mat. It works out surprisingly well!

Babies will laugh, cry, poop, eat, scream, play, and smile in baby Pilates. These are all normal baby activities and not something you need to worry about. You will attend to your baby as needed, and work in your Pilates around baby's needs. It's all good! We will spend the first few minutes of class getting babies settled and checking in with each other. A yoga mat is recommended for class and may be purchased at Baby Moon ($20). Loaner mats are also available. Please bring a receiving blanket (for non-mobile babies) and comfort items for your baby or toddler (pacifier, boob, bottle, etc.). Toys for older babies will be provided.

Our Yoga + Pilates Packages are good for this class as well as Mama & Baby Yoga and Yoga-ahh! (without baby), so you are free to choose the schedule that works for you each week.

Instructor: TBA for 2014

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See our Class Calendar for class schedules and holiday cancellations.

Alicia's Mama & Baby Pilates classes are also available ONLINE, through

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Yoga 911.
The best parenting advice we've heard is on the airplane: "Secure your own oxygen mask first, then assist your child." We're no good to our babies and children when we are stressed out, burned out, and depleted. Time gets away from us and the next thing we know, our shoulders are permanently up around our ears and you could bounce a quarter off our hamstrings (this is not a good thing). How are we responding to our children and the world around us, when we feel this way on the inside? Our Restorative Yoga Workshop is the answer to your yoga-mergency!!

"Drunk on Relaxation."
That's how one of our moms described the way she felt after her first workshop. Restorative Yoga creates a profound release by supporting the body fully with blankets and bolsters in gentle, opening postures. We'll enjoy two full hours in a balanced sequence of deeply relaxing postures. You will emerge with a softness of body and clarity of mind that might surprise you.

For new mamas (and burnt out mamas), this workshop offers a little reminder, a little glimmer of hope, that you can feel really good again. It'll be the best 90 minutes you've had in a long time!

Gentle and suitable for those brand new to yoga, as well as more experienced students. Everyone benefits from relaxation, including our unborn babies. Like a mini-vacation in the space of one afternoon, this workshop brings many benefits to body and soul in a short amount of time.

Happy mama.
"I was so stressed out when I walked in the door and completely calm
and energized when I walked out. I've never felt more relaxed in my life."
Quote from a student after her first restorative yoga class

Class Details: This workshop is appropriate for those brand new to yoga, as well as more experienced students. Open to all stages pre-conception through pregnancy, postpartum through experienced moms. A yoga mat is recommended and can be purchased at Baby Moon ($20). Loaner mats are also available. Workshop, $14.

Instructor: Jessica Gernert.


See our Class Calendar for class schedules and holiday cancellations.

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Exploring movement.
Our next stage yoga class for mamas and babies on-the-move! Baby enjoys visiting and playing with other baby friends, while observing our yoga example. Mama enjoys some gentle yoga in our relaxed atmosphere where anything goes. Open to active crawlers through early walkers, those who are brand new to yoga as well as graduates of our Mama & Baby class. This is a fun, laid back class for exploration and community.
Class Details: You may begin Mamas & Movers Yoga any time, once your baby is actively crawling and up until 18 months or so. We will enjoy some gentle yoga exercise as we attend to baby's needs.

Please bring a toy or two to share. We will spend the first few minutes of class getting babies settled and checking in with each other. This class does not run in sessions so you may begin any time and use up your class package at your convenience (within one year of purchase). Drop-ins also welcome. A yoga mat is recommended for class and may be purchased at Baby Moon ($20).

Instructor: Adrienne Bauer, Karma Kids Yoga Instructor

See our Class Calendar for class schedules and holiday cancellations.

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Engaging the imagination.
Our parents of preschoolers LOVE this class! A FUN, ACTIVE class for 2 - 5 year olds (or so), Story Time Yoga brings imagination and self-expression, reading and physical activity all together into one class. Building body awareness, breath awareness (believe it or not...), and imagination, this class allows kids to explore, stretch, create, and breathe--all while doing what kids do best. MOVE!

This ain't the library.
And it's not mama's yoga, either. We don't expect quiet, linear cooperation! Kids of this age group will often engage in parallel play activities during class. That doesn't mean they're not learning! They are still observing and you will see this yoga come out later in their play--even if they don't appear to be "doing" the class. We will roll with it and keep it fun. Come with no expectations and watch what happens!

Class Details: Open to ages 2 - 5 years (or so). 5 week series, $48. Drop-in $14 (as space allows, please contact us first). Sibling discount 50%.

Instructor: Adrienne Bauer, Certified Karma Kids Yoga Instructor.

See our Class Calendar for session dates.


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Caroline practices the Crab.
Would you have thought this was possible?? Hayden enjoys Relaxation.


Growing into the body.
Swim in the ocean, play in the jungle, fly like a bird -- we approach Kids Yoga with the energy and playfulness of...KIDS! These active classes help your child to build body awareness and form healthy lifestyle habits from the youngest ages. We'll develop strength, flexibility, balance, and focus through this imaginative, yoga-based play.Research shows that kids improve in all areas (including school performance) when this type of regular exercise is integrated into their daily lives.

Yoga helps kids to get connected with their bodies in a non-competitive environment, and teaches kids new ways to relax and calm themselves. Your little yogi or yogini will have fun, stretch their imagination, play, and relax during this weekly respite from a busy world. Inspired by yoga, but made for kids.

Preschoolers 2-4 years: See Story Time Yoga, above.

Kids 4-6 years: Here, yoga is coupled with an enthusiasm for learning.  A thematic approach uses interactive games and animated postures, storytelling, music, and imagination to focus our senses and bring class to life. Kids learn about animals, nature, and basic anatomy through yoga. Come Play Yoga! Classes run in sessions and are 45 minutes long. 5 week sessions, $48. Class is limited to 10 participants.

Kids 7-10 years: Focusing on our growing bodies, this class provides greater emphasis on alignment and self-awareness.  Physical poses, breathing exercises, and team building skills combine to promote healthy choices on and off the mat.

Instructor: Adrienne Bauer, Certified Karma Kids Yoga Instructor

See our Class Calendar for session dates.

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ovascular fitness, all while baby rides along. On nice days we'll meet in Jacobson Park to enjoy the sunshine, fresh air, and the company of other women as we work ou


Coming to a drop-in class for the first time?
Save time by purchasing a drop-in credit or class package online!

YOGA + PILATES CLASS PACKAGES (good for one year after purchase unless otherwise noted):

Drop-In $14
5 Classes $55
8 Classes $80
12 Classes $108
20 Classes $174:
This package is the best value for those who want to make a commitment to coming more than once a week for optimal health benefits. This package expires 12 weeks after purchase.


5 Classes+ One 60 Minute Massage, $115

12 Classes + Three 60 Minute Massages, $292

Class packages are good for all the weekly yoga and pilates classes listed on our calendar, and may be used up at your convenience within one year of purchase.

If you are a single mom, a teenage mom, or are in need of financial assistance, please contact us for sliding scale prices on all classes offered at Baby Moon.

Watch for 10% OFF Package specials and FREE YOGA WEEKS throughout the year--create an account to receive coupons and special offers via email.


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