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We are unique...

Baby Moon is different from retail stores, spas, and fitness centers because
we are a community--a network not only of pregnancy, birth, and new mama experts,
but also of moms supporting moms, families supporting families.
We are here to support you on your unique parenting journey.

Come join us!


Baby moon (ba'be moon): The period of time in a woman's life when mothering begins--after the birth of a baby when the new pair rest, relax, bond, and prepare for life together. Ancient customs from cultures around the world dictate that new mothers are to be cared for and nurtured during this important time of adjustment, in order to build a strong foundation of support for the vital work of mothering.

Our Mission

The Baby Moon Birth Resource Center was born in February, 2004 out of the belief that pregnancy and birth is a normal, healthy, and life-changing process, and that women need and deserve to be celebrated and supported through this process in a way that respects our intelligence, builds our confidence, and empowers our spirit.

We believe that women who are nurtured through their baby moon will have an increased capacity to nurture their babies, their families, their communities, and themselves. It is our hope that Baby Moon will not only help women to find the support they need for mothering, but will also support those women in sharing their knowledge and experience with others.

Our specific goals are to:

  • Provide resources and a community of support for women and families moving through fertility, pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.
  • Encourage healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Offer education as a means of promoting informed birth and parenting choices.
  • Recognize birth as a normal and healthy process, and support every woman's right to make informed decisions regarding her care.
  • Assist women and families in preparing for a positive birth experience as they define it.

Please contact us with your questions, issues, needs, and ideas, or for more information about how you can contribute your unique knowledge and experience to the Baby Moon community.
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The Baby Moon Collaborative Team
Anne Rust, B.A., Doula, Whole Birth Yoga Instructor
I am a Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga instructor, Birth Doula (DONA), and founder of Baby Moon. After graduate school in English and a few years living in the Southwestern U.S., I returned to Kentucky with a wonderful husband in tow, chucked my corporate job, and began working with pregnant women, moms, and babies in 2001.

I received my certification in Prenatal Yoga with Robin Sale, founder of Whole Birth Resources in Santa Cruz, California in 2001, and I have been an ongoing student of TriYoga since 1999. I began this work by teaching prenatal and my own brand of mom & baby yoga in various studios in Lexington, Georgetown, and at St. Joseph East Hospital. Soon, students were asking me to attend their births, so I became a Certified Birth Doula through DONA in 2003. When my students and clients asked for more help preparing for birth, I created a Labor Workshop for Couples to meet that need. Very quickly it became clear to me that pregnant women and new moms still needed so much more support than what we were piecing together here in Lexington. We desperately needed a dedicated space for serving the needs of women, babies, and families during this transitional, life-changing time. I opened Baby Moon in February 2004, and dedicated myself and our studio to this work. Since the we have enjoyed an organic growth in our areas of expertise, adding classes and support services as the needs became more clear. To date I have worked with thousands of Lexington moms since I began teaching in January, 2002, and I have provided professional labor support at around 60 births in hospital and home as a Doula.

I love supporting women and families through this intense, empowering time. I think of my work as an opportunity to facilitate community and friendship among women and mothers--I love to hook people up! I hope Baby Moon will serve as a vital resource for families moving through fertility, pregnancy, birth, adoption, and parenthood. Please contact me with your feedback! I am also mom to Elena, born in June, 2006, and Selah, born in February, 2008, both adopted locally at birth through open adoption.

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Adrienne Bauer, M.S., Karma Kids Yoga Instructor
Originally from Detroit, Michigan. Adrienne and her husband have been living in Richmond, Kentucky for over a decade. We enjoyed getting to know Adrienne as a Baby Moon mom and Prenatal Yoga student while she was pregnant with her son, Kai, in 2009, and we're so glad now to count her as a member of our support team!

Adrienne holds a Master's in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and has worked in post secondary education for over 8 years in health promotion and wellness. After becoming a mom, she decided to leave her position to stay at home and raise her son.

Adrienne has been a student of yoga since 1999. In the Spring of 2011 she completed her Karma Kids Yoga Instructor certification in NYC. This experience prepared her for keeping yoga fun for kids ages 2 and up. For Adrienne, "nothing is more rewarding than introducing children to the world of yoga." Her passion for yoga and her love for working with children make teaching Kids Yoga a beautiful and fun combination. Her goal "is to lead kids on the path toward a calm and balanced mind, help stimulate their senses, and stretch and strengthen their developing bodies."

Inspired to learn more, Adrienne went back to NYC to complete Yoga Mom, Buddha Baby certification in October, 2011. This certification prepared her for work with moms and their newborns through crawlers. She is loving working with new mamas and introducing yoga to their exploring babies!

Adrienne will complete her RYT 200 Yoga Training from The OM Place in June 2012. We're so excited to have her heading up our Kids Yoga program and teaching Mama & Baby, Mamas & Movers, and Story Time Yoga classes. Let's play yoga!

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Alicia Fedewa, Ph.D., RYT, CPT
Alicia is a professor at the University of Kentucky, group fitness instructor, and Certified Personal Trainer. With a Doctorate in School Psychology, Alicia loves working with children and babies! She is certified in Mat Pilates, Yoga, Spinning, Kickboxing, and Silver Sneakers. Alicia has been teaching group fitness classes for over five years.

Alicia gave birth to her daughter, Vada, in February 2011. With the support of her midwife, doula, and husband, she had a natural water birth at home. During her postpartum recovery, Alicia practiced Mat Pilates to re-tone her abdominal muscles. She sees Pilates as a perfect way for postpartum mamas to get their pre-pregnancy bellies back.

Alicia's warmth, easy-going nature, and constant smile make her the perfect person to help kick our butts back into shape. We're so excited to have her for our Mama & Baby and Mamas & Movers Pilates classes!

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Amy Weinfurtner is a childbirth educator, Birth Doula (DONA), and mother of three. She has been teaching childbirth education classes for over ten years, and has attended over 100 births as a doula and birth assistant.

Amy believes in family-centered maternity care and freedom of choice based on knowledge of alternatives in childbirth. Though she has been certified to teach prepared childbirth classes, her first love is teaching natural childbirth. Her classes are appropriate for couples planning their births in a variety of settings. Amy has been teaching our Natural Childbirth Classes since we opened in February, 2004, and our couples truly love her class--a unique blend of approaches, information, and tools you can use to increase the likelihood of a successful natural birth experience for you, your baby, and the new family.

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Caitlin Broderson, LMT
Caitlin joined our team in 2008, and since then we've had nothing but phenomenal feedback about her massage prowess. Our clients and staff alike adore Caitlin's work, and she rounds out our skill set beautifully.

Caitlin is a Nationally Certified, Licensed Massage Therapist. She has been trained in Pregnancy Massage through the Lexington Healing Arts Academy, and she has completed our specialized, advanced training in Prenatal Massage here at Baby Moon with our resident experts, Tatsiana McGee and Kendra Adkisson.

Caitlin has additional training in Lymphatic support and drainage through the Upledger Institute. This technique is a form of light touch massage that stimulates the lymphatic system (which regulates the immune system) with gentle, massaging strokes, encouraging the body to release excess fluid and waste products and bringing fluid flow into the connective tissues. This specialty technique is especially useful for boosting the immune system to help the body recover from (or prevent) illness. Lymphatic work is also custom-made for our breastfeeding mamas, helping to prevent or relieve plugged ducts and mastitis.

Caitlin has also completed the Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Level I training through the Upledger Institute.

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Cerise Bouchard, B.A., CLC
Cerise discovered Baby Moon very early on in her first pregnancy. She was so inspired by her experience moving through pregnancy and birth that she quit her job as an early childhood educator to open a shop dedicated to natural parenting. Mother Nurture opened in July, 2006 next door to Baby Moon, and Lexington's first bricks-and-mortar breastfeding and natural parenting store was born!

Cerise brings much-needed breastfeeding supplies, nursing bras, slings & wraps, cloth diapering supplies, and organic baby clothes and essentials to Lexington moms. In 2007 she became certified as a Lactation Counselor and expanded the breastfeeding support services at Mother Nurture. Certified Lactation Counselors and Internationally Certified IBCLC's are available now to answer questions and provide top notch breastfeeding support in the hospital, in our studios, or in your home. We can almost see the breastfeeding success rates going up since Mother Nurture came on the scene!

Cerise gave birth to her son Garrett in November, 2005, and her son Remy in October, 2008, both born at home in the water with the support of her husband, midwife, and doula.

Although Baby Moon and Mother Nurture are separate businesses, we work closely together to provide as many resources for mamas, partners, babies, and young children as we can, all under one collaborative roof. No one has spent more time with us than Cerise, and she is happy to share her personal take on our classes and services in her role as a Baby Moon Prenatal Advisor.

Elizabeth Stapleton, R.N., IBCLC
Elizabeth is a Registered Nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She has been teaching breastfeeding classes and assisting new moms for over 10 years. She has personal experience in breastfeeding her three children--for a combined total of 6 years. Elizabeth works as a postpartum nurse and lactation consultant at a local hospital, and homeschools her two sons and her daughter. When she isn’t working with new moms and babies, Elizabeth enjoys reading, gardening, cooking, and hiking.

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Jessica Gernert, RYT
Jessica knows us. Really well. She's been coming to Baby Moon for classes through three pregnancies and through three postpartum phases! We decided it was time to make her an official resident yoga instructor so she can stick around in between babies. Otherwise, we miss her too much!

Jessica is a Registered Yoga Teacher (200 hour), and we love to share her special brand of yoga. Her love of yoga shines through, and her enthusiasm for self-care is contagious! Get your Jessica fix at Yoga-ahh!, Relax & Renew Restorative Yoga Workshop (both open to all stages), or occasionally subbing a Prenatal Yoga class.

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Julie Ransdell
Julie began her yoga journey in 2008 as a way to get in shape. She soon found out that yoga is much more than an exercise routine. It is a full-on, life-altering experience that has brought calm and acceptance to her heart. After practicing yoga for a year, she decided she couldn't keep all these amazing pieces of wisdom to herself, she had to share it with others. Julie received her yoga teaching certification through Barefoot Works Yoga here in Lexington in 2010. Julie's journey with infertility has led her to dive even deeper into her yoga practice. She hopes to provide her students with ways to draw in peace and relaxation through the emotional rollercoaster that is infertility, to let go of the chatter and cultivate mindfulness of worth and purpose as life unfolds. Update: Julie is now expecting their first child, and is due in the Spring, 2013!

Julie Six, B.A., C.D.
Julie is a Certified Birth Doula through Doulas of North America and a Certified HypnoBabies instructor. She has attended over 70 births in hospitals and homes, and we are very excited to have her with us bringing HypnoBabies to Central Kentucky families!

Julie's training, professionalism, and experience make her a perfect fit for our team. As a Prenatal Advisor at Baby Moon, she is also available to answer your questions at our free materniTEA classes and other events. Julie also heads up our Doula program, providing referrals and keeping us all up to date!

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Lauren Higdon, LMT
Lauren has been on a parallel path with us from the beginning. Since 2002 her interests and experiences have dovetailed with our own, as we have worked together to support women and families before, during, and after the childbearing year.
We were thrilled to announce, in the Summer of 2011, that she had joined our team.

Lauren is certified and extensively experienced in prenatal, birth, postpartum, and infant massage. As a part-time doula she has attended around 25 births. She has taught Pregnancy Massage at The Lexington Healing Arts Academy since 2004, and is certified to train nurses, doulas, massage therapists, and others in Infant Massage.

Along with her love of supporting women through pregnancy and the postpartum period, Lauren has a passion for working with children. Her pediatric massage practice centers around providing support for babies and children with sleep issues, digestive issues, and high needs children, as well as those with ADD, ADHD, and Autism. Lauren enjoys movement therapy, asian arts, and Tai Chi, and has taught movement classes at LHAA.

Immediately after joining us at Baby Moon, Lauren was inspired to complete her Dancing For Birth teacher training in the Fall of 2011. She is the first certified instructor here in Lexington, and we are so happy to be able to offer these fun, therapeutic and intimate classes.

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Sara Smith, RYT
When Sara began studying yoga in 2005 at Brian Kest Power Yoga in Santa Monica, California, she had no idea that yoga would become such a huge part of her life. She says that over the years, "yoga has transformed my attitude and helped me to stay grounded through some very difficult times."

The study of yoga brought so much clarity and joy to Sara's life that she decided to become a yoga teacher in 2010. She began practicing Prenatal Yoga in the Fall of 2010, and in February 2011 she began teaching Prenatal Yoga during her pregnancy. She was awed by the sense of community that Prenatal Yoga creates, and many of her yoga students have become her dear friends as they have ventured into the world of motherhood together.

Sara hopes to connect other mothers in the same way. She moved to Lexington with her husband and baby daughter in June, 2010, and found us right away. She is so happy to be able to share her love of yoga here at Baby Moon, and we are so happy to help her spread it in her infectious way to our community--now her community--of moms.

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Tatsiana McGee, LMT
Trained by some of the best in the field, Tatsiana brings an incredible skill set to her work, and serves pregnant women with a compassionate touch. Born and raised in Belarus, Tatsiana studied pregnancy massage in Northern California, honing her skills at the Barefoot & Pregnant Spa before moving to Lexington with her family and joining us at Baby Moon. We are so lucky to have her.

Tatsiana received her Masters Degree in Education from Polotsk State University. She moved to the United States in 2000 and discovered her true passion and calling in Massage. After graduating from the Institute of Therapeutic Massage and Movement in Nashville, she practiced massage in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 4 years, where she had the opportunity to study Pregnancy Massage, Bodywork for the Childbearing Year, and Deep Tissue Massage with some of the best teachers in the field. She has also studied Massage for Fertility, and has put together our new offering as an integral component of our Fertility Support program.

Tatsiana's pregnancy massage integrates massage and alignment work, which not only helps to relax and nurture an expecting mother physically and emotionally, but also unwind compensation patterns that take place in the body during pregnancy, restore alignment to back, belly, pelvic floor, hips and thighs, and create more space in the body for the baby.

Tatsiana gave birth to daughter Kyra in November 2005, in a birth center with two doulas by her side! During her pregnancy she fell in love with prenatal yoga and the birth process. She is now a birth doula herself, providing professional labor support and massage to moms and dads during their birth process. Like all of our prenatal team at Baby Moon, Tatsiana brings a wealth of knowledge and experience surrounding pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period to her work.

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